Un periodo orbital


¿Seremos inmortales mientras alguien nos recuerde?

Trescientos sesenta y cinco días… como el primer día.

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  1. niasunset dice:

    «Will we be immortal as long as someone remembers us?»….
    Of course… all human stories came todays like that, someones remembered, noted, wrote,…. But the question in here for me, «Will it be someone to remember us, in the future?… or where the chain is broken, in remembering event…? something like that… an orbital period… it was like a hidden meaning in here… Thank you dear José, I am glad to hear you, as always, have a nice day, and Autumn, Love, nia

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  2. José Manuel dice:

    Thank you very much for your comment, dear Nia!
    Always so interesting that it encourage me to reflect and continue.
    The issue of the durability of our messages, of our memory, of our footprint on the planet is a subject that interests me very much.
    As a young man, I read about civilizations before ours that Nature erased all traces. I wonder if we suddenly disappeared today, how long would it take the Earth to erase all vestige of us?
    About the title: an orbital period your intuition is correct.
    A big hug, from a cloudy and rainy Mallorca that seems to leave the summer heat behind.

    Me gusta

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