Without Three There Is No Madness

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This post is dedicated to all the people who, without speaking Spanish, visit El Cuidado en la Palabra every day. And very especially, to Niasunset for so many years of blogging friendship and for all the art, love and wisdom she shares everyday and the efforts she often makes to translate my texts into her language. And to wakasahs15th that I’ve only known for a short time but it’s also a lot of fun trying to translate each other in Japanese, English and Spanish and she also publishes a blog with some wonderful photos and texts.

About the comic:
The idea for this story came to me more than ten years ago. I thought that in a world where there were only two people and they accused each other of being crazy… it would be practically impossible for them to discern if one was crazy and the other wasn’t.
Also, since I was a child, I had the personal challenge of finishing a graphic story… for many, many years. And after more than forty years I have managed to do it. This is a good example of procrastination.
Once drawn, I am aware that the comic hides various clinical and even philosophical aspects that some readers have told me… Some interpretations go far beyond even my original thought and that’s nice.
The ending, as you can see, is open and I would love for you to put the final sentence.
I hope you like it and encourage you to comment and perhaps even share, a cordial greeting and thanks for stopping by the blog.

I am aware that this English translation must contain many mistakes… I have tried to do my best.

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  1. wakasahs15th dice:

    It’s a very good comic. Thank you ☺

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. José Manuel dice:

      Thanks a lot for your comment! 🤗

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. themis t. dice:

    Muy buena idea, la traducción, a ver si nace la segunda parte o uno nuevo, gracias, abrazo

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. José Manuel dice:

      Gracias, Themis!
      La verdad que comentarios como éste me animan a seguir con la historia, me habéis dado algunos finales muy interesantes para iniciar una segunda parte. O también quizás otra historia, tengo varias en mente… 😂
      Un abrazo!

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  3. niasunset dice:

    Dear José, you are so nice, and precious for me. “I’m humbled and grateful. I don’t know hoe express more than this. Passing the language barriers, something appears into the words, in my mind, in my thoughts… To be honest, how I read your story, you can’t believe. I wrote down all your sentences and then I translated them one by one…. I hope I understood it.

    At the beginning of the story, it took me to the past…to the first human times… I felt the simplicity (according to our today’s understanding)… Especially when the darkness comes, closing eyes and nothing to remember till the next morning… Just for a moment I thought of this. When I close my eyes, my mind never stops… everything in my head talking till to fell exhauted… The mind is like a white sheet of paper that has never been contaminated or processed…

    I’m stuck on some details. As if needed some more explanations… But at the end you get the whole story. I loved the names, «Idon’tknow» and «Anotherother»…

    This is exactly, the story of this, «The problems in the world, yes, most problems in the world, coming from (or because of) human-human relations… all our problems are human-oriented problems.

    Whether we’re navigating the superficial or deep journeys of psychology and philosophy, these two, are where this story comes and stops…

    Just the ending part confused me. The evident… deception… is man to man deceitful…? what you try to mean…?

    Great. You should go on… and also keep drawing too… Thank you for these thoughts that you took me a journey.

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    1. José Manuel dice:

      Dear Nia,
      Your words already make it worth it for me to share and translate this comic. I have learned that what I think when creating the story is important, but what each person interprets from it is even more important.
      I have always felt within me a creative impulse and the need to use the imagination that in some way has guided my professional life. At first my approach to science, specifically to physics, was encouraged to discover, to understand, to unravel the secrets of nature. Later, «nursing care» crossed my life providing a humanistic vision that complemented me and allowed me to develop my creativity in something wonderful such as caring for others.
      Returning to the story, I think you have interpreted the meaning of the comic very well: on the one hand, the way in which human beings have complicated our relationship with human beings themselves, with living beings to the point of destroying Nature as and as we know it. And on the other hand, a deep reflection on the construct «madness» that since time immemorial plagues millions of people, human beings, in an unfair and inhuman way. In the name of tradition, culture, customs, religions, we subject our peers to discriminatory and inhumane treatment of millions of people just because we consider them «different» from what we consider «normal». Beyond serving and being manipulated by the perverse economic and political interests of the elites, but this is another topic.
      The end of the story is sad and bleak… but perhaps also hopeful.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your assessment and for the encouragement you give me to continue drawing… I hope that the story can evolve soon so that we can continue «the journey»!
      With love, JM

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      1. niasunset dice:

        This was a beautiful reading voyage and experience for me dear José, there is not many people like you… To understand and to be understood are both of them a life voyage of human… But nothing happens without doing anything. I think we are both talking about the same voyage and how precious…. Welcome and Thank you, I hope this connection to long more… Love, nia

        Le gusta a 1 persona

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